Spend Out: Decluttering Your Home For Greater Good

When you talk with anyone (including yourself) about getting rid of items, often the focus can shift to being very self-focused. Now, stick with me here. I’m not saying we’re all being super selfish, but often the focus of our attention when we think about the stuff in our lives is on how we can use it. Our first inclination is very self-focused. 

But, what would happen if we approached the stuff in our lives from a perspective of “how could this help someone else” instead? If we looked at our possessions as instruments of hope and change and an opportunity to bless someone else. 

We live in a three bedroom home, with an unfinished basement. We have collected a lot of things over the years. But, if I found out a family nearby or a friend I know, needs some sheets or an air mattress, could I consider giving them my own? Could I give someone the spare kitchen table in my basement or the extra couch in the loft? 

I’m not saying we need to give away all of our possessions, but maybe we could consider holding them a little less close to our hearts. Maybe we could start viewing our possessions as simply something we are using for now, but maybe not forever. Maybe we could start to see our things as tools to bless others who really need them. 

Maybe we could be grateful for the fact that we have a surplus of things to begin with.

Decluttering often has a stressful, negative connotation. But, it has the potential to be chance to bless others. Our lives are full of so many things we could use to bless others. Let’s be willing to spend out and give a little more of ourselves and our things.