Morris Acres Mohair

Welcome to Morris Acres Mohair!

We’re Angora Goat hobby farmers located in Colorado.  Our small herd of goats are part of the family here, and that means that they get spoiled probably more than they deserve!  Meet Monty, Josie, Momma G, Sophie, Lucky, and Juniper!

How Did You Become Goat Farmers?

After moving out to a few acres of land, we quickly realized that goats could help maintain the pastures much better than we could with our beat up, old tractor.  We started researching options and came across Angora Goats.  These goats are living the good life with about 8 acres of pasture to graze on with a mixture of grass and yummy weeds.

Our Mohair

Our white mohair is some of the softest you’ll find around.  We are involved in the shearing and skirting process.  Our fleeces’ locks average between 3.5″-5″ in length.

Interested in buying a fleece, or other combination of mohair?  Contact us for current availability!

[Coming Soon!] Mohair/Wool Dryer Balls

Stop using dryer sheets, with their chemicals and disposable qualities, and use our dryer balls made of our special wool and mohair mix.  Wool dryer balls are made cruelty-free from our very own angora goats and local wool.

Interested in our handmade dryer balls?  Contact us for availability!