Homesteaders are always on the go. With early mornings tending to the livestock, afternoons taking care of the garden and evenings spent chopping wood, it’s rare that they have time for themselves.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to show the homesteader in your life how cherished they are, and what better way to show them than with a gift that says you care. However, a homesteader is not your average person.  They’re not as impressed with the latest technology as the average joe.

So, I’ve gathered a list of ten unique gifts to really wow your hardworking companion.



1.Fermenting Kit

Fermenting is this year’s latest obsession, and it’s equally a cooking method and an art. Buy this fermenting kit, and let your loved one go crazy making tasty sauerkrauts, pickles and more!





2.Rain Collection System

A lot of homesteaders enjoy living sustainably off the land. There’s no better way to accomplish this than with their very own rain collection system. The Good Ideas system is a great option because it’s a modernized equipment, made with ceramics and a non-rusting copper spout.





3.Food Dehydrator

If your beloved homesteader keeps a delicious garden, then a dehydrator is a great Christmas gift idea. With one, you can make dried fruits, veggies and beans. Give this BioChef Arizona Dehydrator a try.







4.Compost Barrel

A great way for someone to keep a farm sustainable is reducing waste, and there’s no better way to do so than by composting. Buy your friend a composter, so they can reduce their waste and reuse it as plant fertilizer! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.









5.Warm Socks

Even though the winter months tend to slow people down, the everyday chores of hard working homestead men and women never stop. They’re still lots to do outside in the cold, which is why these thick and durable Carhartt socks are a practical gift idea.







6.Quilt-lined Overalls

Following along the keeping warm theme, don’t forget to throw in these Carhartt Quilt Lined Overalls! The snug quilt lining will keep them toasty while working in the harsh winter conditions.





7.Work gloves

These insulated suede Carhartt working gloves are the last piece to the perfect warm work clothes gift bundle. There’s nothing worse than working with cold hands. Help your loved one avoid that unbearable feeling with these!







8.Wood Ring

Christmas means a lot of quality time spent with family around a roasting fire. It also means lots of wood chopping for any homesteader. Buy them this modern Firewood Log Rack to store their wood for the whole winter.







9.Meat Slicer

Meat slicers are an excellent way to make fast deli slices out of large portions of meat your homesteading friend may have in the fridge. Give them their own meat slicer so they can enjoy that luxury right at home. This Chefs Choice is an excellent model.








10.Homesteading Book

For when the homesteader in your life needs a break, give them a gift to help relax. The book Farm in the Foothills is an easy read for winding-down at the end of the day, about a young couple moving from the city to a small acreage and learning to live off the land. It’s a story many find relatable.




Although it can be tough shopping for self-relying homesteaders, this list gives some great ideas and just a peek into the all the possibilities of gifts for your homesteading loved one. Happy shopping!