Christmas shopping for the gardener in your life can feel a little boring. What do you buy them? A shovel? Some fertilizer? What does a gardener need? It’s holidays like Christmas where you can do something out of the ordinary and pick a unique present that any gardener would adore.

I’ve compiled this list of christmas gifts that offer a variety of options for your near and dear gardening companion. Certainly, there’s the best christmas present for them among these choices:



1.Rose gloves

If you’ve noticed your rose-loving friend has a few scratches and scars on their hands from dealing with roses, then this is the perfect gift for them. Different from regular gardening gloves, these gloves are thorn-proof. Show your friend you pay attention to the details by giving them these:






2.Harvest Apron

Something most people who don’t garden wouldn’t know is that the hobby involves lots of tools. Trying to juggle all those tools while tending to plants is tricky. Giving your friend this harvest apron will provide them with the perfect accessory that holds all their tools.







Gifting your friend with this HomePro birdhouse is a grand idea, because it gives them something to look forward to hanging in the spring. When they open it all the thoughts of the upcoming gardening season will rush to their head and put a smile on their face.







4.Hanging Garden Signs

Garden signs are way to show someone’s individual personality and flair in their yard. Try searching for a yard sign that perfectly describes your gardening friend. This Esschert Garden Decor is a lovely choice that’s popular with many people!







5.Redwood tree-to-be

If your friend has a greenhouse, then this idea is just for them! Give them the gift of a tree with all the planting fun attached. The Dawn Redwood Tree to Be is an all-in-one tree planting kit. With it, they’ll be able to keep up their green-thumb activities







6.Stepping stones

Garden decor is always a good idea. It adds charm to the already natural beauty of plants and flowers. Something your friends garden may be missing is stepping stones. The Bits and Pieces stepping stones are a gorgeous option that look both natural and refined.






7.Solitary Bee House

With the recent bee crisis, this gift idea is thoughtful with an environmentalist touch. The Nature’s Way Bee House is an adorable garden addition that will help your friend’s flowers too!







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