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Simple Living

Take a look at our latest projects on our journey to making life more simple and sustainable.

The Podcast

Stories from real people who are making real steps toward simple (and often very creative) lives! Be inspired by their stories

We’re still figuring this all out. It’s a journey.
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Looking for a more organized life?  Looking to grow your own food? Looking to be more self-sustainable? These are all things we’re trying to do too. 


Fiber Farm

Meet our Angora Goats and learn how they help us on our homestead. We promise they’ll make you laugh!

SLV Podcast

Listen to our conversations, adventures, and interviews with really interesting people!

DIY Projects

We’re a little crazy, but we keep trying new projects around this place.  We love sharing what we learn.


Simple and organized livings a goal. It’s a constant battle that we’re all fighting each day.

Welcome to the simple life… or at least our journey toward simplicity, that is!

We don’t have it all figured out.  Not by far!  But, we’re pursuing simplicity, sustainability, and healthy living on our handful of acres.  We’re Jesse and Valerie, known affectionately as Hubbs and Dubbs around here.  We’re both business owners and full of more ideas than we have time to process through them.  We work hard and play hard.  Thanks for joining us on our journey toward simplicity in a very busy world!

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Year of Less Journal


A twelve month journal designed to help you declutter, de-stress, and say no in order to make room for things you really want in life. You can go in order or jump around – focus on whatever theme works best for you and what you need each month. There are twelve things in this journal for each of the twelve months in the next year and we’ve found that a month is a good time frame to dive into one topic. This journal is ideal for someone who is pursuing organization, decluttering, minimalism, simple living, mindfulness, and wanting to live their best year yet!