The Best Christmas Gifts For Toddlers Guide

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Being an aunt toddlers is FUN. My niece is pretty hilarious if you don’t mind me saying so. Each year it’s new territory for us, and we’re taking gift-giving fairly serious. Why? Well, for one, we want to get something that they’ll like. But, two, we don’t want to fill someone else’s life with cheap crap. Sounds a little harsh, but most of the cute stuff we could get a toddler is plastic and cheap. 

As an aspiring minimalist, I want to give a gift that will last and won’t add to the clutter.

As a concerned citizen of this planet, I don’t want to give something that adds to the problem (aka plastic).

As someone who sees how much fun it can be, I want to give something that will be fun for the kiddo.

The criteria: simple gifts that support sustainability as much as possible, are useful, are FUN, and won’t rot the brain of the toddlers in my life. 

Am I asking too much? I don’t think so…

So, I went in search of the best gift I could find for a toddler that would check all the boxes. I asked friends and crowdsourced social media. I researched and scoured Pinterest. Here are a few of the top items that came to mind when I looked for the best gift for the toddlers in my life. 


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