How To Be The Best Aunt (or Uncle) Ever With The Perfect Gift For A Young Baby

A new dynamic is here this year because we now have a new generation in the family, which means we’re all shopping for little peanut this Christmas.  However, if you know us at all, you know we’re not huge fans of clutter for ourselves (and for others!).  That’s why we’re paying extra special attention to what we’re giving our three month old niece this year for Christmas.

Criteria For Simple Baby Gift Ideas

There are TONS of cute gift ideas out there for kids, but how many of them are a waste of money.  There are tons of cute clothes, but babies grow quickly.  There are tons of fun toys, but how much does a little kids use it before it needs a more stimulating toy.  There are tons of obnoxious toys, but are we really that mean?  And then there are tons of great things to give that are helpful to the parents, but they get their own gifts too.

So, for this brand-spanking-new aunt and uncle, we gave a lot of thought to what we’re giving little peanut this year for Christmas and by golly, it WILL fit the criteria below:

  • Must be for the baby (sorry parents, you get your own gifts)
  • Must be something that will benefit the child for more than a few months
  • Must last (no cheap crap)
  • Must not be simply a dust-collector, but something that peanut can use
  • Must not break the bank (we’re setting the tone for now and future nieces/nephews here too, ya know?!)
  • Must be somewhat fun (we’re not taking this no-clutter thing TOO seriously here!)


After researching, and asking around to a few seasoned parents, we got a few really great ideas.  And, if you’re reading this, and getting Peanut something too, we won’t tell exactly what we’re doing this year!

Here’s our round-up of the best gift ideas for babies and little kids that won’t be considered clutter:

  1.  Cash  – While cold, hard cash is not what we’d recommend, the concept is right on.  Whether you give a savings bond, or you give directly to a college savings plan, giving cash is a GREAT idea.  Little ones may never realize how great this is until they go out on their own later on, and when they’re this young, they’ll never know the difference!
  2. Sign Language Videos – My good friend over at Two Moons & Co gave this amazing idea, and it makes sense for the young baby who is going to be learning how to communicate over the next year:  sign language videos!
  3. Wood Blocks – While this is technically a toy, I had SO MANY moms mention wooden blocks that I had to add them to the list.  I love that wood blocks are made from sustainable materials and will LAST.  I also love these artisan blocks from Uncle Goose.  They have so many different styles of blocks that can be educational and fun – and they are made 100% in the United States.  So much to love about these cute blocks!  I kinda want some for myself!!
  4. Recordable Books – Books that can record your own voice reading the story are a fun idea, especially if you don’t live nearby.  Even if you do live nearby, this is a fun gift idea that has great sentimental value, but also is something your little niece or nephew will enjoy using as they get older.
  5. Books – We all know some of the classics like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Goodnight Moon,” and more.  The more books the better, especially in today’s digital world.  So, if you’re wanting to make sure your niece or nephew has a solid library of books for the future, give a book.  If you’re wanting to have it be for a little tyke, board books are winners – though some kids have been known to chew on them! 😉
  6. Bath toys – Bath toys are always a winner because bath toys don’t last forever.  Just be careful not to get the ones that let water up inside to then squirt out, like a rubber ducky with a hole.  These get moldy quickly, so they don’t last.
  7. Blanket – One of my most favorite memories is getting blankets from my Grandma Jacobs.  She made crocheted blankets and also flannel, sewn blankets and I still have them to this day.  Her legacy lives on and I used these blankets for years and years.  Every time I use one I think of her. Blankets are great to give because they can be used at any age and they have some sentimental meaning too!
  8. Book of Names & Faces – I found this idea and it was too good not to mention!  You can create your own custom book of names and faces for all the important people in your niece or nephew’s family!  They won’t break the bank either.  Not an affiliate link – I just think Pinhole Press‘s idea is fabulous!
  9. Growth Chart – Most people don’t like marking up their door frames these days, which is why a growth chart that can hang on a wall works really well. Getting one earlier on means that the parents will be ready to go at any age to document height!
  10. Puppy – Okay, this one is just for giggles, but if you’re looking to be the best aunt or uncle ever, but the most hated sibling by the parents, then a puppy is a sure thing!  I got a HUGE laugh when someone suggested this idea.  So, if you hate your siblings, but love their kiddos, this could be the perfect gift to give.  If you like your siblings though, I’d recommend ignoring this idea!


So, if you’re like me and you’re wanting to be the best aunt you can be, but don’t want to just get dumb stuff that they’ll grow out of quickly or break in a few minutes, you now have a nice, big list to inspire your next gift for a loved niece or nephew.  All of these things (minus #10) are things everyone will love from the parents to the kiddos!



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