Goats provide many positive aspects to the urban farming and homestead movement.  Not only do they provide milk that can also be made into cheese or fiber that can be sold and manure that can be turned into compost, but they can also provide security and companionship.  Just look at those cute faces!  How could you not love goats!

But I bet you love goats just as much as I do, or you at least know someone who really loves goats!  Either way, you’ll love these fun items that profess a love of goats.

A t-shirt that proclaims your love of goats can make a great conversation starter, don’t you think? What better way to proclaim that you are that crazy goat lady, than to have it proudly written across your chest?  The whole family can show their love of goats with baby onesies or a bib and t-shirts for the older kids!

Keep your head cool and your face shaded with a goat themed baseball cap.  Or keep your spare change in a “Relax, I’ve goat this” coin purse.  You can also show your love of goats with a protective phone case or a car decal.  Keep your keys from getting lost on this handy I love Goats keychain.

We all need socks, but who doesn’t love a fun pair that have adorable goats all over them?  I mean, you can never have too many socks!  Or how about sloggers with a goat pattern?

Or tote your stuff around in style with a goat themed canvas bag.  Or bring groceries home in an insulated goat print bag.  How about a goat print insulated lunch bag to take to work?

Goat lover parking only!  How about a sign for your garage?  Or adorn the goat’s barn or yard fence with a goat crossing sign.

Enjoy your coffee in a crazy goat lady mug.  Or make goat shaped cookies!  And you can bake those cookies while wearing this pretty goat and floral print apron.  You can also show off your love of goats with your dishtowels too.

Fill your coffee table with books about goats including serious books, fun books and children’s books.  For the littlest goat lover, how about a goat plushie?

Show your fashionable side with a personalized goat themed necklace.  Or maybe you need some goat earrings!

From clothes and jewelry to books and kitchen items, you can show off just how amazing goats are and how much you love them.