10 Must-Have Tools For New Gardeners

Feeling like a newbie when it comes to your green thumb?

Have you been eyeing those plants at the store, but not sure where to start?

Getting started with gardening may seem overwhelming when you see just how many different tools there are.  But there are some essential tools that every gardener needs.  These tools will help you with jobs large to small and from digging to cutting.

  1. Digging Fork:  Also called a garden or spade fork, this tool is handy for loosening compacted soil, aerating small areas and incorporating compost into garden beds.
    After Digging Fork:
  2. Wheelbarrow:  These are especially handy if you are creating new garden beds.  Not only can it cary heavy loads of soil or compost, but you can use it to bring all of your tools out in one trip  or even help cary some of your wood for your raised garden bed.  A wheelbarrow will even help you when it comes to harvesting pumpkins, squash or any large harvest.
  3. Digging Shovel:  For large jobs such as adding soil to a new garden bed or digging larger holes for an apple tree or raspberry bush, a digging shovel is what you need.
  4. Trowel:  Perfect for those smaller jobs, trowels help you dig holes for seeds and small plants.  The pointed end makes them ideal for heavy clay soils.  Because smaller tools can be easily mislaid, pick a tool with a brightly colored handle to make it easier to spot.
  5. Pruners:  These are essential for many cutting jobs.  Pick a pair of pruners with a safety catch and crossover blades.
  6. Hori Hori Knife:  This useful tool is a combination knife/trowel.  It works as a trowel, knife and a weeder.  It's perfect for light garden maintenance, allowing you to get your chores done without having to pull out the entire tool kit.
  7. Gardening Gloves:  Protect your hands from sharp rocks, splinters from wood handles and much more.  Consider purchasing a few different pairs of gardening gloves for different jobs, such as buying one lightweight pair for maintenance tasks and one heavy duty pair for larger tasks such as making a new garden bed. Your cuticles will thank you.
  8. Gardening Apron:  A gardening apron is perfect for holding a few tools, some gardening gloves, a few packets of seeds and your cell phone.  Or, if you feel that a gardening apron just doesn't hold enough for you, look for a garden stool or kneeling bench that also has pockets for your tools.  You get a nice seat as a bonus, keeping you up off the ground.
  9. Garden Hose:  This is one of the tools you don't want to skimp on.  Choose a garden hose that is lightweight but high-quality, ensuring that it is both easy to carry and will last for many years.
  10. Garden Journal: Whether you keep a garden journal on paper or on your computer, it is important to track what you have planted, crop rotation and and your garden's process.  You'll be able to note your successes and failures, the variety names of veggies that you loved, companion planting and so much more.