Traveling can be stressful enough, but when you are lugging around big suitcases all over, it can be even worse.  I now understand why it’s called luggage…because you are literally lugging it around and it can get old very fast!  Other countries are not always accommodating to large luggage either!  Small sidewalks, tiny hotel rooms, and other differences can make you feel huge very fast.  That’s why learning to travel the minimalist way can be a huge benefit to you!

Here are a few minimalist travel tips I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Think neutral:  Plan to pack with neutral colors and a similar color palette so that you can mix and match easily to create multiple outfits.
  2. Laundry Soap:  Bring a shampoo bottle filled with liquid laundry detergent to be able to wash your underwear and socks every couple of days.  This eliminates the need to bring a huge pile of these items.  For larger pieces of clothing, research your laundry options at hotels or laundromats nearby.
  3. Wear your largest shoes.  Don’t have a lot of space?  Wear your biggest shoes so that your little sandals can slip in your bag with ease.
  4. Cut back your beauty routine.  You don’t really need a full bag of makeup.  I personally bring just a little bit of blush, mascara, and eyeliner.  I can make do without a full makeup kit while on the go.
  5. Go digital.  I’m so guilty of this one, because I’m a purist when it comes to books, but when it comes to travel, having books on Kindles or e-readers can save you SO much space.  One thing I also tend to do is bring books that I know I’m okay with throwing out or giving away when I’m done reading.  This lightens my load as I travel, and allows me to be that love of books that I am.
  6. Clean out your purse.  Before I travel, I take stock in what’s in my purse and wallet.  Since I own my own marketing agency, I carry around business cards and receipts throughout the month related to business.  However, if I’m on a personal trip, that’s extra weight and space I don’t need.  Paring down my wallet and purse to the bare essentials helps out a ton!
  7. Go natural with your hair.  If you don’t NEED a hair dryer or straightener, don’t bring it.  Yes, I can style my hair a little better with these two items, but I can also get by without them just fine.  Therefore, I don’t bring them!
  8. Multi-tasking shoes.  Think through the shoes you need and see if you can find ones that work in multiple situations.  For example, my comfy cute sandals work great by the beach, or with a cute dress at night.  This means I can bring one pair of shoes instead of two!
  9. Think light.  Look at the actual bags you are bringing and see if there is a lighter option.  Always choose the lighter bag if you can!
  10. Size your bag.  We will fill the spaces we allow ourselves.  We do this in our homes (ummm just go look in your basement storage room!) and we do it with luggage.  If you need to pack light, don’t pull out the jumbo suitcase.  Go with an appropriate sized suitcase for your travel goals.

Traveling light is always a challenge, especially if you like to always be prepared for the unexpected.  However, traveling light can be a huge benefit and help you enjoy your travels so much more.  Instead of stressing about if your luggage got lost or dragging it up a big flight of stairs, you can have other simple moments to soak in your next traveling adventure!