20 Spaces To Declutter For A More Simple Home

One habit of minimalists is to regularly assess the zones in your home where clutter can build up. Clutter has a way of creeping in and before we realize, we may have more stuff than we intended in these various spaces. If you’re looking to start decluttering in one spot today, or you just like to make a regular path of decluttering around your home every few weeks, here are some good spots to start looking as you are decluttering and focusing on minimalism in your home.

  1. Junk Drawer: You know we all have them. These are quick catch-all spaces where little clutter builds up easily over time. 
  2. Pantry:  At least once a year, it’s a good thing to sweep through and see if you have food in your pantry you don’t need or will not eat. Donate it to a food pantry before it expires. This is also a good time to take stock in what you need to buy for those go-to recipes you love to make. 
  3. Sock drawers: You know you have some lone socks you need to get rid of. 
  4. Garage: Our garage is a big trouble zone where stuff piles up. Maybe yours too?
  5. Backseat/Trunk: A popular problem spot is our car where we quickly throw stuff while on the go. Can you clean it out or are there items there that need to get put away?
  6. Bedside Drawer: What little knick-knacks and chapsticks are building up there? I have about five chapsticks and old gum wrappers that always seem to build up on my bedside table. 
  7. Closet: A popular place for extra clothes to creep in.
  8. Cleaning Supplies:  Look through and see if you need to restock or get rid of any old cleaners.
  9. Tools: Take a sweep through and see if any tools are needing to go, or if you need to organize your collection so you know where to find the tools you need.
  10. Digital Clutter: Digital clutter can creep up without us even realizing it. Regular checks on files, photos, apps and more can help keep storage under control. Read more on this HERE.
  11. Papers: Regularly assess what papers you need to keep, file, or scan and get the rest out of your home! You can get more on paper organization HERE.
  12. Bookshelf: I’m a big bookworm, but even I find books that I know I don’t need in my permanent collection. 
  13. Linen Closet: Old towels, stained fabrics, worn sheets…your linen closet probably has a few items that need to be retired to a rag or donated to an animal shelter.
  14. Food Storage: We all could use a quick moment to check our Tupperware and food containers. I would bet you have some container in there that has no lid to go with it. 
  15. Shoe Closet: Shoes are a tricky thing, and over time can take up major space. Do you have shoes that are worn out and need to go, or simply ones you don’t want anymore? Time to pass them on.
  16. Toy Box: Do your kids really need that many toys? Evaluate if you have too many toys or toys your kids aren’t playing with.
  17. Desk: If you’re anything like me, your desk is home to piles galore! Take stock in what is taking up so much space on a surface you use for half of your day.
  18. Winter Gear: Assess your gear to make sure all gloves have a matching pair, that your items are in good condition, and that you aren’t missing anything vital. Have too many of something? Remember, that most shelters will gladly accept coats and winter gear to help people in need.
  19. Purse: This is common problem spot for many of us, so do a quick sweep to see if you are carrying around trash, items that belong inside your home, or things that you simply don’t need in a purse everyday.
  20. Makeup: Look for expired or unused makeup that you need to get rid of.