Stop Throwing Out Your Vegetable Scraps!  Especially Green Onions!

One of the things I try to do in my gardens is plant things that come back on their own year after year, or reproduce and spread easily.  I love ground cover plants that spread and help keep weeds down while still looking pretty.  I also love things like perennial plants that pop up year after year.  And I ESPECIALLY love plants that grow from themselves…like green onions.

We recently purchased some green onions because our plants were struggling from a few weeks of drought and every time I buy green onions, I always save the roots!  It took me a few days to have time to go out and replant them, so I stored them in our fridge for a few days.  If you look closely at them, you can already see that they’re starting to regrow new stalks (and they’re not even in the ground yet!).

Whether you live on land, live in the burbs, or you have a small patio garden, green onions are an easy plant to grow and use in your meals.  So, next time you buy some at the store, don’t throw out the roots!  They can be used to increase your green onion crop!



Tonight we had breakfast for dinner.  (That’s one of our easy and lazy meals!)  At any point in the year, but especially in the summer when I have veggies growing, I like to take the egg shells directly from my kitchen and out to crush around the base of plants.  This is an easy way to add nutrients directly in the ground and also helps deter some bugs who might be interested in the plants.