To help our pollinator friends thrive and to help your garden flourish, it’s important to add plants to your garden that will also attract bees.  Luckily, there are plenty of edible plants that attract pollinators, helping them do double duty. Some of these edible plants will even make your garden look pretty!

Squash  This is an easy one as so many gardeners plant squash.  Pollinators love the blossoms.

Mint  This herb is a bee magnet and will freshen up any dessert.  Make sure to grow it in a pot to prevent it invading other plants.

Basil  Once this tasty herb goes to flower, it will attract pollinators.  Consider having one basil plant that you just allow to go to flower.  

Green Beans  Pollinators love the flowers that appear before they turn into beans.

Lavender  Not only does this pretty plant attract pollinators, but also tastes yummy in special dishes or teas.  You can even use lavender in floral arrangements.

Oregano  Pollinators are attracted to this herb whether it’s flowering or not.

Rosemary  This drought tolerant herb’s blue-purple flowers attract pollinators.  If you are short on space, pot creeping rosemary in a sunny spot.   

Radish  Pollinators are attracted to the leaves of this veggie.  Plant radishes continuously through the growing season for a consistent supply of pollinator attraction.  

Sunflowers  These gorgeous flowers not only are amazing pollinator attractors, but you get the bonus of edible sunflower seeds at the end of the season.  

Dandelions  Some people consider these weeds but the leaves  and flowers are both edible and attract pollinators.