Every fall, homeowners begin to prep their homes for winter, but have you ever thought to prep your garden for the colder climate? If you’re a seasoned gardener, then the answer is probably yes. However, “winterizing” your garden can be a foreign concept to newcomers.

You wouldn’t just leave a car or motorcycle outside with no cover or protection for the winter, and you shouldn’t leave your garden to fend for itself in the colder months either. There are steps you can take to make sure your garden is safe and sound for the long, frigid season. Here’s a few things to consider:



Clip and cut dead ends

Grab a pair of garden clippers, like these Durmiles garden trimmers, and tidy up your garden by removing any unwanted or dead plant debris. Removing these ahead of time will free up your grooming chores come spring and give you more time to focus on adding new plants.




Give your trees a blanket

Figuratively, not literally. You can buy tree wrap tape, like this Ortho Tanglefoot tape, to protect the bark of trees. This step is especially helpful to young trees and fruit trees. The wrap will help to prevent cracking from fluctuating temperatures during the day and night.




Protect plants from the wind

The harsh, cold winds of winter can really do a number on plants if they’re not protected. There’s no need to buy or build an entire shelter for the plants. Simply placing wooden stakes, like these Walnut Hollow Stakes, in a V shape in front of plants will break up the wind and protect them.

There’s a long list of actions you can take to prepare your garden for the winter, but beginning with this list will give you a start. Winterizing your garden is a cheap and effective way to make sure all your hard work from the summer survives the winter, so don’t forget to do it!