It’s never too early to start planning for your summer landscaping projects, and what’s a better idea than brighten up your yard this year with some new lighting! Yard lights are so much more than just sticking up a tiki torch here and there. They can be practical, multi-purposeful and sustainable.

By using the following list of yard light ideas, you’ll be able to light your land like a pro. All your neighbors will think you hired the job out! Here’s some ideas that are sure to turn heads to your lawn:


Solar pathway lights



While the sun stays up a lot later in the summer, it seems like the nights are extra dark. It can be difficult for people – especially older folks – to follow your walking paths. Avoid an accidental fall by lighting up your sidewalk with these Best Solar outdoor lights. They’re made from high quality glass and metal, and are powered by solar energy, so they’ll stay bright all summer long!




Solar mason jars




Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that most people living on farms love the rustic touch that mason jars give as decor. Get the look you love with the Aubasic Solar Mason Jars. With built-in firefly-esque lights, these jars are the perfect simple addition to you patio.




Outdoor Bistro Lights




Turn your backyard into a classy european bistro with these Bella Inizio globe string lights. The package comes with 25 clear bulbs on a string, and allows you to connect 3 strands together. They would be perfect for hanging around a gazebo or veranda.




Solar Torches




Okay, so you couldn’t exactly completely get away from the tiki torches, but these Aityver torches are a nice upgraded alternative. They have a faux flickering effect that make it look as though you’re actually burning a wicker candle. Plus, they’re waterproof and use solar technology!

Now that you have a few ideas to update your yard lights, it’s time to get planning. Try making a map of your current lawn layout and sketch out where some of these lights would work best. Your friends and family will enjoy the results all summer long.