So, your friend bought a new home. Hooray! This is an exciting time for them. A thoughtful gift is an excellent way for you to share in their joy.

If your loved one is a fan of gardening, choosing a present related to planting, cultivation, or – yes, even weeding – would surely be appreciated.

Given the long-standing popularity of the hobby, it’s easy to find a lot of fun and exciting products – just browse the aisles of your local hardware store or nursery. Here are a few of our favorites:

A Pretty Plant Stand

Help your gardening fan bring the outdoors in with a pretty plant stand or flower pot. There are countless options available, in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Many can be used both indoors and out, for real functionality.

We love this whimsical tricycle plant stand – it’s a fun and unique way to display plants and flowers, whether you want to place them in your living room or on the front porch. And with three round basket holders, you can arrange a variety of items.

A Succulent Planter

Succulents have become popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why: not only are they pretty, but they’re one of the simplest plants to care for.

Delight your loved one with this mini hanging fairy garden – perfect for planting their hen and chicks or aloe in a unique way. While tiny, it offers three separate chambers for multiple plants, and its cute and quirky design makes it a truly exceptional gift.

A Multi-Function Tools Set

A gardener can never have enough tools. There is always something new and fun they’d like to try, plus, after years of use, the old equipment just tends to wear out. A convenient multi-use set is always a safe bet!

This Scuddles 9-Piece Garden Tools Set is the perfect example. With a variety of heavy-duty tools (like a trowel, shovel, and shears), and a collapsible storage bucket (with pockets!) to secure them all, it’s a must-have for any gardener.

Another great option is this unique 10-piece set of hand tools. An included weeding knife and a bottle for irrigating help make it a one-of-a-kind selection – and with their ergonomic design, these tools are easy on the body. With an included lightweight carrying case (made of environmentally-conscious plastics!), they’re easy to transport and move around.

A Way to Beat the Heat

After working outdoors, the heat and humidity can take their toll. If your pal likes to spend long days in the sun working on the flower beds or vegetable garden, they are sure to enjoy a beautiful wide-brimmed hat, handheld fan, or even a quality water bottle. A way to keep cool will be a welcome surprise.

A Gardening Gift Basket

When in doubt, a gift basket is always a great choice. Making up your own personalized gift is a thoughtful, and 100% customizable, way to say “congratulations.” Only your imagination limits the items you can include.

Some ideas:

  • Seeds for their favorite flowers or plants
  • A gift certificate to the local garden supply or nursery
  • A nice pair of work gloves
  • A fun new gadget or tool
  • A cute little gnome
  • A pretty garden flag
  • This Willow Tree Angel of the Garden figurine
  • … and, of course, you pack it all up in a colorful gardening bucket or even a large watering can!

We’ve given you plenty to think about so, hopefully, you aren’t overwhelmed with all of your options. Whether you take one of our suggestions or come up with something all your own, the gardening enthusiast in your life is sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture.