Perhaps more than any generation before them, today’s children need to be encouraged as much as possible to get out and play in the real world.  Too many of our children spend their spare time playing on tablets, laptops, and video game systems instead of learning how to be self-sufficient and experiencing all the pleasures of being outside.

It is becoming more evident that many children are feeling disconnected with the natural world.  Taking a walk, riding a bike, and playing catch are all activities we adults used to engage in but which our children are missing out on.  One way to encourage your child’s connection with nature is through gardening.  Getting your children interested in this relaxing and healthy hobby while they are young will create a lifelong love that will assist and improve them in the future.

If you are going to get your children into gardening, there are a few items you are going to want to invest in.  Not only will these make the experience easier, but they will also help protect your kids, so they don't have negative experiences with gardening.  Consider this gear for your gardener-to-be:

Gardening Hat

When you are gardening, one of the first things you need to protect yourself against is the sun.  Besides slathering yourself and your child in the highest SPF sunscreen possible, you should also consider getting them a nice gardening hat; this will keep the sun out of their eyes and also help shield them from the dangerous rays of the sun as well.  A good hat will protect their scalps, which are susceptible to burns.  The Friendly Swede Sun Hat is good for this protection because it has a mesh panel that allows for ventilation, so you don't get overheated while you are gardening.

Gardening Gloves

Some kids have a natural affinity for digging in the dirt with their fingers. If that’s the case, you should invest in a good pair of gardening gloves.  These Kinco Gardening Gloves for Kids are specially sized for little hands but are designed like adult gloves so your children can have a pair just like mom or dad.  They feature an elastic wrist which keeps dirt and other debris from getting down into the gloves themselves.  In addition to keeping out dirt, these gloves are a good idea as the durable leather can protect them from cuts and scrapes and also from allergic reaction if they come in contact with plants like poison ivy.

Knee Pads and Boards

Many adults will attest that a childhood of rough sports has rewarded them with knee problems in the adult years.  To stave this off and also teach your children good habits that will protect them in the future, try these Gardening Knee Pads.  These are foam padded and will cushion your child’s knees (and yours) when getting down to work in the garden.  Another, more playful, option is the Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Garden Kneeling Pad - a round, cushioned pad that your child can kneel on while working.


The last touch is to protect your child's shoes.  We all know how big of an investment kid's shoes are and you don't want their cute sneakers getting dirty or muddy while working in the garden.  These waterproof overshoes can slip over your child’s regular shoes to protect them from dirt and water and can also double as rain or snowshoes if you need be.

Gardening is a great activity to pass on to your children.  It is something that will bring them peace and a healthier lifestyle well into their adult years. There are few greater joys than participating in this process of creation.