This may come as a surprise to you, but the old as time world of gardening is ever changing. Each year, botanists and pro planters alike are learning new tricks and tips to gardening, and updating the rest of us on the newest ways to grow our favorite plants.

A good way to keep up with all these changes is to read new books written by the gardening community experts. We’ve heard of a multitude of the latest gardening books to read, but the following have particularly been on our radar.



The Garden Journal


So, this first selection isn’t exactly a book, but it’s still popular nonetheless! The Garden Journal helps you track your gardening activities and maintain your daily, weekly and monthly schedules. Gardening is a very time-sensitive hobby, so having this Garden Journal is a necessity!





The Moon Gardener’s Almanac


For decades, Almanacs have given us a glimpse into records of the past to hint at patterns of the future, and The Moon Gardener’s Almanac 2018 is no exception. This book teaches you to plant with the lunar calendar to help grow stronger and healthier plants. This read is the perfect mix of magic and practicality.








Modern gardeners are starting to see planting as a full cycle. With Composting: Organic Gardening for Beginners, you too can learn the skill of composting and how to make your organic waste into fertilizer for new plantlings. It’s in excellent read for learning about this sustainable option.






Everything About Home Gardening


Okay, this may be the end all be all of gardening books. The Everything About Home Gardening book is a picturesque look into how to keep your garden full of gorgeous, fragrant plants. From vegetable gardens, to garden design, this book has it all!






Urban Gardening

There’s a stigma that growing and keeping your own garden in a city is impossible, and this book is here to tell you that’s a big fat lie! With the help of Urban Gardening, you’ll learn how to grow fresh food and flowers within the confinement of a smaller space. Anything is possible with a little imagination and flexibility!






Stay Grounded: Soil Building

Any expert will tell you that plant health starts from the ground up — quite literally. Stay Grounded teaches readers all about the importance of building a healthy soil for your garden to live and thrive through. Get this book to learn all about how microorganisms, worms and other materials play a role in your garden health.




These books on our to-read list have definitely sparked our interest, and we hope they’ve struck you as interesting too! Whether you want to learn about gardening in the city or planting with the moon cycles, there’s a book here to fit anyone’s taste.