Deal With Clutter by Addressing Broken Windows Around Your Space

deal with clutter In communities, there’s a “broken window” theory where if a community tolerates minor damage and signs of disorder, like broken windows, that it invites more levels of crime. When we see a small example of disorder allowed, it’s easier to assume other examples of disorder may be allowed. Problems start to escalate at that point.

Let’s consider how this fits into simplifying your home and dealing with clutter. You may have broken windows sitting around your own home and not even realize it. What little examples of clutter do you allow that feel meaningless, but actually tell yourself that it’s okay to have bigger areas of clutter? What are the broken windows in your own home?

I started looking around my home and found a few examples of “little” clutter that I allow and have justified as okay. However, these areas of my home may actually be some of the cause behind the bigger issues of clutter.

  • Here are a few of the little broken windows I saw around my home:
  • Junk Drawer – this narrow drawer slowly fills up to house all sorts of things to the point where I don’t know what is even in there.
  • Bedside Basket – I have a small wicker basket on the shelf of my bedside table that was meant to act like a drawer, but has slowly filled up with all kinds of knick knacks and junk.
  • Sink full of dishes – I’m constantly guilty of this. Sometimes the dishes stack up for days before I address them.
  • Clean Laundry – It’s all clean, just in a giant pile. While we can get what we need from it, it often takes us extra time and effort to find the clean clothes we need.
  • Mail on the table.
  • Boxes by the door from recent deliveries.

Are you subconsciously sabotaging your organization efforts by allowing small moments of clutter? I’m taking a good look around my home for these “broken windows” to help me keep more order around my home.

[I first heard about this concept of broken windows when I read Gretchen Rubin’s book Outer Order, Inner Calm. I loved this book. It was an easy read, non-judgmental, and full of great inspiration to bring order to my life.]

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