If you’ve considered the idea of creating less trash, you’re in good company. In today’s world, many people are taking a hard look at what they consume and are making steps to reduce the overall amount they throw out. If you’re looking for a few ways to start, or take things to the next level, here are a few ideas…90 to be exact!

  1. Cloth Napkins
  2. Turn T-shirts to rags
  3. Use old sheets, clothes, blankets as stuffing for pet beds
  4. Use plastic containers as seed starter containers
  5. Use newspapers as weed barrier
  6. Use brown cardboard boxes (without a lot of colorful printing) as weed barrier under mulch
  7. Use grass clippings as mulch around plants
  8. Unsubscribe from catalogs and junk mailers
  9. Stop subscriptions to magazines
  10. Use your library instead of buying more books you’ll only read once.
  11. Buy clothes second-hand when you can. 
  12. Borrow tools from friends instead of buying them.
  13. Shop garage sales
  14. Use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets
  15. Use rags to wipe surfaces instead of paper towels
  16. Use Norwex window rag to wash windows and mirrors instead of paper towels and windex
  17. Save wrapping paper and supplies to use for gift wrapping in the future
  18. Make your own birthday cards and only give a card if you really need to.
  19. Compost your veggie and fruit scraps
  20. Compost old egg shells or put them directly around the base of plants (broken up of course)
  21. Use old towels for wiping pets’ feet in the winter, for drying off your car when you wash, or donate them to a pet shelter.
  22. Use reusable produce bags (if you need a bag at all)
  23. Use reusable shopping bags (not just at the grocery store)
  24. Refuse a shopping bag if you only have a couple items
  25. Use reusable silicone food containers instead of sandwich baggies.
  26. Bring your own container to restaurants to bring leftovers home in.
  27. Bring your reusable water bottle with you everywhere. Keep a couple in the car just in case you forget.
  28. Use reusable floor sweepers (like Swiffer but with reusable pads)
  29. Drink tap water. No, you don’t need bottled water.
  30. Stop wasting food. Learn to make the right portions so that you don’t waste huge quantities of food.
  31. Don’t use conditioner for your hair. Do you really need it?
  32. Stop using q-tips
  33. Avoid shopping for “fun.” 
  34. Learn how to sew and fix your clothes before you toss them.
  35. Stop using air fresheners.
  36. Line dry your clothes, or use a drying rack.
  37. Make your own laundry detergent and store in a glass container.
  38. Use seasonal florals and branches as decoration rather than buying new decorations.
  39. Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.
  40. Sign up for electronic bill and statements when you can.
  41. Reuse single-sided paper that comes into your home (envelopes, mail, notes from school) for grocery lists, and other quick pieces of paper.
  42. Recycle your printer cartridges to office supply stores.
  43. Buy only the medications you really need and use them up before they expire.
  44. Use tablets that come in a jar instead of ones individually wrapped in foil.
  45. Give away plants you no longer want (trust me, people will jump at them!)
  46. Collect rainwater or gray water for irrigation.
  47. Get an ice cream cone instead of a bowl of ice cream.
  48. Buy milk that comes in returnable milk bottles.
  49. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap (less packaging)
  50. Use beeswax cloth wraps instead of plastic cling film.
  51. Bring your own snacks on the plane.
  52. Pack a set of utensils to keep in your purse.
  53. Use up your paint
  54. Repurpose items into crafts when you can.
  55. Don’t accept a receipt if you don’t really need it.  
  56. Give gifts of money and college savings instead of wasteful toys. 
  57. Stop using straws
  58. Pack a handkerchief in your purse.
  59. Use LED bulbs instead of traditional lightbulbs
  60. Use loose leaf tea instead of tea bags
  61. Use a bidet 
  62. Buy meat at the counter instead of individually wrapped versions in the pre-packaged section.
  63. Print only what is necessary. Could something be emailed or shared via the cloud instead?
  64. Use paperclips instead of staples.
  65. Bake your own cookies and treats from scratch at home.
  66. Turn old plastic milk container into a watering can.
  67. Stop eating frozen meals.
  68. Buy produce that comes loose and isn’t already packaged.
  69. Use paper bags instead of plastic trash bags inside your trash cans.
  70. Stop with the single use coffee pods. We’re looking at you Keurig lovers!
  71. Save boxes to reuse again for shipping or organizing.
  72. Save up bigger boxes you get and post them on free Facebook Groups or Craigslist to give away to people moving.
  73. Use bulk options instead of individually wrapped items like sugar, creamer, ketchup, etc.
  74. Use e-tickets for concerts, movies, and even plane rides. 
  75. Get shoes re-soled instead of throwing them out.
  76. Switch to a safety razor instead of disposable razor blades.
  77. Use a biodegradable toothbrush
  78. Donate egg cartons to farmers or friends who have chickens.
  79. Make fire starters with old paper rolls and dryer lint.
  80. Use aluminum foil a few times until it’s too dirty to use again.
  81. Pay people with Venmo, Apple Pay, or other online transfers instead of checks.
  82. Pack your lunch and skip fast food.
  83. Say no to small soaps at hotels.
  84. Decorate with similar colors so that you can move stuff around easily without having to buy all new trendy items all the time.
  85. Stop buying the cheapest stuff and start buying stuff that will last.
  86. Take stuffing from old pillows to use in new pillows and make your own.
  87. Turn file folders inside out and use the other side of them. Or, use pencil to label the folder and erase and reuse.
  88. Say no to balloons for celebrations.
  89. Say no to confetti.
  90. Shred your documents, mix them up and spread them into your compost and mulch.